Day 1 of Cleaning a Teen’s Room

I have a daughter who thinks that if she spreads everything all over her floor people will stay out of her room. She also has a hoarding problem. Not only does she mix her dirty and clean laundry in the floor, she never throws things away. Her nice stuff, favorite drawings and such, often get destroyed because there were in the floor and get trampled. It’s sad and I’ll take unsolicited psychological advice on getting a teen to change her ways.

But here is what I’m doing about it on the practical de-junking the room methodology. I told her that I was going to move her stuff out of her room to clean it while she is away at camp. I gave her two months warning and she still chose not to do any cleaning. Right before she packed for camp, she picked up 4 loads of laundry and 5 bags of trash and you could still barely see the carpet in a path to the bed and closet.

Today is Monday, my son and I removed 4 more loads of laundry and 4 more bags of trash, just scraps of paper in the floor and under the bed. We just pulled everything off the floor, from under the bed, and from the bottom of the closet. We also pulled everything off the tops of the dressers and shelves. Believe me, that was a lot of stuff. We sorted these items into the following boxes and bins:

  • make-up
  • hair items
  • jewelry, silly bands, and bracelets
  • toys
  • Little Pet Shop
  • arts and crafts supplies
  • sewing items
  • duct tape
  • yugioh cards
  • accessories, hats, scarfs, gloves
  • Hawaiian leis
  • plastic animal collection
  • bags and purses
  • sporting goods
  • treasures
  • bouncy ball collection

I plan to do some more cleaning tomorrow. My plan is to remove everything from the room and clean it. Then put back her clothes and a few favorite items. It will be clean, neat, and have many empty places left for putting things away. I will store the items in boxes for up to one year. She’ll need to ask for specific items back and have a place to put them away, or else she doesn’t really need those things anymore.


Spring Cleaning

I want to start spring cleaning desparately but we are so busy every day selling cookies trying to reach our goals that I will have to settle for clean enough.

Lizzie -13yo public school student will take over – dirty dishes, her own laundry, weekly vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms.

John -10yo homeschool son will take over – clean dishes, his own laundry, lots of cooking, trash, and dog care and cleaning. He also needs to walk the dog daily, as I fear she is getting arthritis in her back hips.

Sarah -8yo homeschool girl will take over – daily bathroom cleaning and the rest of the laundry for the household.

We haven’t assigned specific chores to specific children since they were little. We’ve been letting them choose which chores to do each day, as long as they were all getting done by someone. But with us being so busy we need more accountability. I hope this helps.

Type and Time of meals

Here’s my helpful tidbit…This year someone has something every night at dinner time. I also have a public high school student who gets off the bus at 5PM starving!

I schedule my meals by TYPES:
Sunday is Kid’s Choir. We get home by 530PM
so we’re busy up UNTIL dinner time. Rice and Veggies in the microwave. Add any small bits of left over chopped meat from earlier in the week. Eat person makes their own bowl. Add chicken broth or cream of chicken soup (prepared as soup) if you want it soupy.
Monday night is Cub Scouts from 630-730PM for Mom and son.
Sarah (my 8yo) and I have dinner waiting at 515pm. Casserole night.
Tuesday night is Self-serve Crockpot night. I have Girl Scouts at my house! from 415-545, then I’m free from 6-630 to eat and I leave the house for another meeting. So at LUNCH TIME, John (10yo son) and I make up a crockpot, one dish meal that is serve yourself. Everyone digs in when they are hungry and available to eat. High School student at 5pm. Me at 6pm. Dad at 8pm. (And when we have it all together dad cleans up and puts the leftovers away!) It’s all good.
Wednesday I do errands between homeschool and homework which is from 5-630 then youth group from 7-9PM. Since everyone is home to eat at the same time, but we’re in  a hurry. We either cook a nice dinner and serve it at 530PM OR we cook frozen heat and eat food, like Taquitos, Lasagna, Chicken nuggets, egg rolls, etc.
Thursday my son has Football from 6-7 so we eat by 530PM Lizzie my 13yo doesn’t enjoy cooking so we often do tacos, spaghetti, chicken patty sandwiches, or other simple kid food.
Friday is family night, so I TRY to thaw meat and make a nice home cooked meal. Chicken in a pot (30min whole chicken in microwave), pork chops on grill, foil packets on grill etc. I also like to pre-marinade my meats when I bring them home from the grocery store sales. I use the 4meals-in4minutes method from Homemade Gourmet.  If I’m home on Fridays I like to PRE-make chicken salad, pasta salad, potato salad or some other wonderful cold food to serve in a flash for lunch if we can eat together Saturday at lunch.
Saturday is pizza night. I’ve been buying frozen pizzas for $5 and having several of them to feed our big crew.
Sunday after church we often have “breakfast”… eggs, sausage, biscuits, the whole 9-yards to make it filling and special.
My helpful advice is to look at your weekly calendar schedule with people going here and there and FIND your cooking time and serving time for your evening meal. Then match the TYPE of COOKING to that available time.
I hope that helps y’all!

Twitter and Facebook

When I post on twitter I feel like no one is reading me because they don’t really REPLY. They can retweet but unless they follow me they don’t see me and unless I follow them I don’t see their reply. On Facebook when you are friends, you are friends with “each other” which means you both see each other on Facebook.

I’ve been asked, “Why do I use Twitter and Facebook?”  On Twitter I can follow interesting people who are more celebrities and get the scoop fast. Since I don’t read a paper newspaper (does anyone anymore?), I follow FOX4DFW and CNN for News. I also follow several reporters, plus the local weather and traffic geeks. It’s nice to get the updates from around DFW especially on the weekend when I normally wouldn’t know about traffic at the ball field or toll way. In case I need to know to avoid a trip through an area. It might also alert me if there were an important weather fact, like when fires or tornados blow in with little notice.

I also follow my TX legislators and senators. Before Twitter I never knew what they thought unless they sent me a postcard asking for my vote at election time. I can also follow minor celebrities like Dave Ramsey, Lisa Welchel, and Ed Young. They post/tweet updates to what they’re writing, where they are, and what they’re doing. Sometimes they even post a picture or two and that shares on Twitter also.

A third reason why I use Twitter, is that I can follow Twitter on my blackberry and I follow Facebook on my laptop. I follow Facebook during homeschool, while I’m waiting for kids to finish worksheets, or late at night while I’m relaxing in front of the TV. I can use my blackberry to follow Twitter anywhere. PLUS, twitter doesn’t beep at me for updates the way that TXT messaging does. I’m liking that feature!

So, when do you use Twitter? Do you use Facebook and Twitter? How do you use them?  It’s been fun learning.

PS. Did you know Twitter is being called micro-blogging?

Girl Scouts

After completing my training as a GS leader, I am pro Girl Scouts. They have research numbers that say that if a girl will stay in Girl Scouts for 5 years she will not try drugs, under-age drinking or experience teen pregnancy. Add to that good Christian adults in leadership in our local troop and our girls should have strong values, leadership skills, and self-confidence.

The Girl Scout leadership model is the premiere leadership organization for girls in the world.

There are badges for every topic under the sun.

Grades K-1 are Daisies; they learn the Girl Scout law and how it applies to life.

Grades 2-3 are Brownies; they earn Try-its -4 activities chosen from 6

Grades 4-5 are Juniors; they earn Badges -6 activities chosen from 10

Grades 6-12 are Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. They earn Interest Projects choosing 7 activities from 12.

Girls can choose outdoor adventure, animal projects, learning about careers, expansive craft skills, and more that I cannot remember now.

Here is link to the interest projects for grades 6 and up.

What else do you want to learn about Girl Scouts?

Cookie Time is coming

Girl Scout Cookie Time is coming.

I’m in Denton County TX and Creekside Girl Scouts and my two girls start selling cookies on Friday, January 8th. Contact us if you’d like to order your favorites.

One Smart Cookie

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