Increase your Bookings using the Dice Game!


  • 1 pair of dice
  • 11 cards (be sure they cannot read the card through the envelope)
  • 11 envelopes (Number them “2” to “12”)
  • Goodie bag(s) with inexpensive items in them
  • 1 Grand Prize


Goodie bag prizes should be under a dollar. You can use candy bars, inexpensive samples from the company or little gifts you pick up at the dollar store. Have one “Grand Prize.” This could be a discounted product or something you can get at a bargain. It should have a $20 to $30 perceived value.



·        “Grand prize” card is in the envelope marked #2 (The odds of rolling a 2 is the lowest of all the numbers we’re going to use.)

·        “Win a Prize” cards are in envelopes #3, 4, 5, & 12

·        “Book A Show” cards are in envelopes #6, 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11


EXPLAIN the “Dice Game” at your shows:
(Dice Game should follow the pretend hostess game or showing the hostess benefits)

“Ok, everyone, it’s time for us to have some fun! My customers always love this game! Denise, will you hold these dice for me?” We’re going to play a really fun game! It’s a game of chance!   (This is important! Putting the dice in their hand makes them more likely to play, and once someone starts, almost everybody plays! Choose someone who is enthusiastic so far in the show.)


“This is how it works:

I have 11 envelopes in my hand. Inside each envelope is a card. Some of the cards say, “win a prize,” some say, “book a show,” and one says, “Grand prize!” Tonight the grand prize is … (describe whatever you’ve chosen as a GRAND prize then repeat the sentence above.)


If you choose to play, you’ll roll the dice and whatever number you roll, I’ll give you the corresponding envelope!


Don’t open it until the end! At the end you’ll open your envelopes together and see what you’ve won, and you’ll all be winners. You’ll either win a prize, or an opportunity to book a show and get everything Kathy, our pretend hostess, had in her arms, or the “grand prize.” Now here’s the rules! If you “win a prize”… you have take the prize. If you win the “grand prize”…you have to take the grand prize.” If you win “book a show”…you have to book a show! So Denise will you start us off?”


(You don’t want to say “who wants to play?” You need to say, “So, Denise, will you start us off?” Then after Denise plays, you go to the next person and say, “Stacy, do you want to play,” then after she plays or doesn’t, you ask the next person. Ask every person in the room!

Then after everyone has played, (this is optional), you say, “Don’t open your envelopes yet. I have another chance for you! If you choose to book a show before you open your envelope, you win the grand prize for sure. I’ll bring it to your show. Plus you take home tonight whatever is in your envelope!” Then you go around the room and ask each individual again, “Would you like to pick a date and get the grand prize?”


Please POST COMMENTS below with questions or comments of how works with your gatherings!



Growing your Homemade Gourmet Business

cartoon-daisyIn many ways your business is like a GARDEN. You need to be doing something to grow your business! Just like a flower needs sunshine and water or it will die –  so also, your business won’t grow on its own. Your business needs sunshine and water from you!


If you don’t tend to your business every week, weeds of neglect will start to grow. On the contrary, if you tend to your business every day you will see your business grow to new heights! Give it plenty of sunshine – by staying connected and motivated – and start watering it – by talking to people. You can WATER your garden by making phone calls, booking gatherings, scheduling sponsoring appointments, and following up on old and new leads. You can give your garden SUNSHINE by listenting to training calls, attending team meetings, calling your sponsor or team leader, and nurturing your own positive attitude by reading books and listening to CDs to train yourself.






  Please let your upline leaders know when we can be of any service to you. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself!  I wish you all the best of sucess in 2009.


Need a “Fresh Start” with Homemade Gourmet?

Sometimes in your Homemade Gourmet business you need to create a “fresh start”! Maybe you were too busy when you first started buy now have more time and want to get your business going with a “fresh start”. Maybe you were ill or someone in your family needed extra care for a time period. For whatever reason you find yourself with NO BOOKINGS wondering how you will get going again.

To create a “fresh start” simply host a party yourself and follow the new consultant training on the HO website. Or, get a “fresh start” by calling leads and past hostesses to let them know about the new products and new incentives this month. KEEP CALLING UNTIL you get 6 gatherings booked!

Do you have your list of 100 people from when you started? Can you make any new additions including people you met in church, neighborhood, at school, at work, etc. Parent’s of your kid’s new activities, new school class, etc are a great source of new contacts. I’ve even been known to join a new group just to make some new contacts. I make new friends and make money at the same time. Isn’t that what this business is about, Making Friends, Making Memories, Making Money!

The key is you need to be doing something to grow your business!  If you don’t have bookings on your calendar you are essentially out of business. Remember 8 will make you great? We can ALL work to get 8 more, or 8 in a new category. For instance, I already have 8 preferred customers, and 8 consultants, so now I need to be sure I have 8 bookings on the calendar and 8 active consultants on my team. What do you need to find 8 of?

Top 20 Sales for 2008


Top 20 Sales for 2008


1 ~ Mini Pecan Pie Muffin Mix

2 ~ Chicken Enchilada Soup Mix

3 ~ Taco Soup Mix

4 ~ Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Dip Mix

5 ~ BLT Dip Mix

6 ~ Grandmother’s Sunday Roast Mix

7 ~ Texas Cornbread Mix

8 ~ Mock Spinach Dip Mix

9 ~ Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Mix

10 ~ Cinnamon Sopapilla Dessert Mix

11 ~ Tortilla Soup Mix

12 ~ Basic Sweet Bread Mix

13 ~ Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake Mix

14 ~ Black Bean Salsa Mix

15 ~ Baked Potato Soup Mix

16 ~ Old Fashioned Apple Crisp Mix

17 ~ Cranberry Almond Pasta Salad Mix

18 ~ Key Lime Cheesecake Ball Mix

19 ~ Three Cheese Garlic Biscuit Mix

20 ~ Sun-Dried Tomato Dip Mix


Have you tried them all?

Inventory Reduction Sale!

As you may know I have Homemade Gourmet and Usborne Books in my home, since I am an independent consultant with both companies. For tax purposes, I always like to run an Inventory Reduction Sale the last week of December. Well, for the first time we’re going to grandma’s in Florida the week after Christmas.


You get the benefit of this sale BEFORE CHRISTMAS. From now until Christmas Eve, anything in my inventory for either Usborne Books or Homemade Gourmet is 25% OFF and for Homemade Gourmet  products there’s no shipping!

Call or stop by to shop! 

If you are reading this and don’t have my address and phone number, leave a comment and I will receive an email, so we can communicate that way.



But wait there’s more!  Homemade Gourmet is offering 15% OFF ALL DESSERTS this month and that offer is good on my website also.

USBORNE Kid Kits 40-60% OFF!


And that’s not all! Usborne has slashed the prices of Kid Kits up to 40-60% OFF. Please shop here.

Hurry the shipping deadlines are fast approaching.

Order online by December 20th.

Sale ends at my house at 9 PM December 24th.

Offer the Best

Would you like to get 20% or 40% off your order tonight?
Would you like to continue buying your product at retail or would you rather get 20% or 40% off?

Offer everyone the opportunity by asking, “Do you know anyone who could use an additional $300/mo or more alongside what they’re currently doing?” Or by asking, “Have you ever thought about doing what I’m doing.”  If they are interested in the opportunity and asking questions about joining, I describe the kit purchase like this … “You’ll need to buy the kit with all the catalogs and order forms and supplies for $39. Then you’ll also need a $230 wholesale order which will give you $400 in products, some to try and some to sell. You’ll also get ‘The best of HG Collection worth $103 absolutely FREE because you’re joining before the end of October/November.’ Altogether that is over $600 worth of items and product for only $270!”

The fun part of the conversation is whether they say “yes,” “no,” or “maybe” the next step is to book their Gourmet Gathering.

8 Will Make You Great

Let’s revisit the concept of “8 will make you great.”

If you’re new, have you invited 2 people to join you in your new business and given their names, address, and phone number to HO?  Have you booked and held your first 6 shows? If you have, you’ll have at least 8 customers for the first step in “8 will make you great.”

  • Do you have 8 HG Preferred customers? I have more than that.
  • Do you have 8 Consultants on your team? I have more than that on my team, but not 8 on my first line. So I’ll work on that next.
  • Do you have 8 bookings on your calendar?
  • Do consultants on your team have 8 bookings?

8 Bookings

Having 8 bookings on your calendar is very important to keep your business momentum! Without bookings your business is closed. People on your team usually do not quit when they have bookings. You can count your own events like “make and take” or “craft fair” events. You can have these 8 bookings in one month or over the next several months. But make sure you have 8 bookings somewhere on your calendar. If you don’t, it’s time to make booking calls. If you don’t know how to make booking calls ask your sponsor or your Team Leader. They will be thrilled to help you! 

If you don’t know who to call, then sit down at the earliest opportunity to make your list of 100 people that you know. Even if you don’t think folks on your list will book shows, they may know people who will, so put them on the list anyway. Your Team Leader or Director can tell you how to ask them for referrals. In fact, I’d go ahead and try to get these 100 people on your “In the Mix” mailing list while you’re at it.

So post a comment below telling me what your next 8 bookings
are and we’ll celebrate together!!