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When I post on twitter I feel like no one is reading me because they don’t really REPLY. They can retweet but unless they follow me they don’t see me and unless I follow them I don’t see their reply. On Facebook when you are friends, you are friends with “each other” which means you both see each other on Facebook.

I’ve been asked, “Why do I use Twitter and Facebook?”  On Twitter I can follow interesting people who are more celebrities and get the scoop fast. Since I don’t read a paper newspaper (does anyone anymore?), I follow FOX4DFW and CNN for News. I also follow several reporters, plus the local weather and traffic geeks. It’s nice to get the updates from around DFW especially on the weekend when I normally wouldn’t know about traffic at the ball field or toll way. In case I need to know to avoid a trip through an area. It might also alert me if there were an important weather fact, like when fires or tornados blow in with little notice.

I also follow my TX legislators and senators. Before Twitter I never knew what they thought unless they sent me a postcard asking for my vote at election time. I can also follow minor celebrities like Dave Ramsey, Lisa Welchel, and Ed Young. They post/tweet updates to what they’re writing, where they are, and what they’re doing. Sometimes they even post a picture or two and that shares on Twitter also.

A third reason why I use Twitter, is that I can follow Twitter on my blackberry and I follow Facebook on my laptop. I follow Facebook during homeschool, while I’m waiting for kids to finish worksheets, or late at night while I’m relaxing in front of the TV. I can use my blackberry to follow Twitter anywhere. PLUS, twitter doesn’t beep at me for updates the way that TXT messaging does. I’m liking that feature!

So, when do you use Twitter? Do you use Facebook and Twitter? How do you use them?  It’s been fun learning.

PS. Did you know Twitter is being called micro-blogging?


FACEBOOK is fun!

We are having A LOT of fun on FACEBOOK!!
If you are computer literate, I can’t recommend facebook enough.

Here are a few reasons I love it and you will too. And NO I’m not getting paid for this endorsement. :o)

  1. I set facebook as my homepage so that every time I open internet explorer it opens facebook.
  2. In a few moments, I can get an update and see what my friends are doing. Though I have over 100 friends, all the friends don’t post updates every day. So it’s usually only 2-4 one sentence updates to read.
  3. I feel so much more connected on facebook to people that I would NEVER normally have time to connect with via email or phone.
  4. It helps me to not feel so isolated as a stay at home (homeschooling) mom.
  5. I can write short updates to express my feelings or to celebrate what’s new in life.
  6. I can write longer notes expressing an opinion or just sharing a cute video someone shared with me.
  7. I can QUICKLY upload photos to share with friends and family nationwide.
  8. And I can view photos of other people’s kids that I normally wouldn’t get a chance to see. Like Shelly Pope’s FANTASTIC Halloween Costumes of her family!!
  9. You can also send private messages or public communication, to congratulate or commiserate or just share some kindness to a friend.
  10. You can keep it as private or as public as you want .

 Log on to to find out more and search for my name and your other friends. It is so fun!

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I hope you like what I’m writing and where I’m going with this blog. I hope you’re so interested that you don’t want to miss anything. I feel that way about my friend’s blogs and some blogs on topics of interest to me. Here’s what I did and I’m going to tell you how to do it too!

Learn how to follow blogs on Google Reader!

Visit and register for an account.

Then simply paste the URL of this blog or another blog you want to follow into your Google Reader account. Click the “Add a Subscription” button and paste this URL

If you need more help read a bit on this blog and I think you can figure it out.

HINT: To keep up with my blogs and my friends on facebook I have two tabbed homepages for FaceBook and Google Reader.  Add me to your facebook friends!

Thanks for reading!

New Posts for New Year

champagne_toastThis year, I’m hoping to get some more time to post short posts more often.

I am going to make this blog more personal and I hope to build better relationships with you my friends, bloggers, and especially my Homemade Gourmet Customers. I am also going to move the sales training and recipe posts somewhere else. But stay tuned here because I will link from this blog to those posts as we go. I’ve learned a lot more about blogging this winter break by reading some of my friends in the blogsphere.

You might want to check out a few of them here.

Be blessed in the new year!