New Year New Menu Plan

Again we’re following our weekly schedule of Choir, Scouts, and Church meetings to decide who cooks and what we’ll eat on which night. Since we have to leave for meetings between 4pm and 6pm four nights a week, we’ll “start” dinner at lunch or right after school, then make a daily plan to “finish” dinner. Like everyone I’ve read and heard from, we have to avoid the drive thru to save money.

I’m seeking at least 4 to 6 recipes for each category. Paste a link below if you have any for me!

Monday is Casserole night by 10yodd and mom

Tuesday is Spaghetti night by 15yodd

Wednesday is Crockpot night by 11yods

Thursday is Nice Dinner Night using Skillet or Grill recipes by 10yodd and mom

Friday is Left Over Night by 11yods

Saturday is Pizza Night by Dad

Sunday is Rice and Veggie Night by 15yodd


Since we homeschool, we have to plan lunches also. My 11yods likes to cook lunch as a way to get his chores done during or right after school at midday. So he’ll cook lunch Monday through Friday. Dad or one of the younger two will cook Saturday lunch. Mom will cook lunch after church Sunday, while kids do weekly cleaning chores if they aren’t done before Sunday.

Monday – Sandwiches: nut free and carried to co-op classes

Tuesday – Breakfast sandwhiches

Wednesday – Salad Day

Thursday – Boy’s Choice (if it were the boy’s choice we’d eat hot dogs or pizza everyday)

Friday – Mexican

Saturday – Soup and Bread

Sunday – Best Breakfasts


My Resolution

52 Week Organized Home Challenge

25 Ways to tie a scarf

25 Ways to tie a scarf

I love this!