My Russian Coins

My Russian Coins

By Lizzie Butts, 8th grade, August 2011

A few years ago, my friend’s family went to Russia on a mission trip. I was sad when they left, but my family hosted a party for them when they returned 18 months later. When I saw my friend again, I warmly welcomed her back with a hug then she surprised me with a present. She gave me some Russian coins!

I have two coins, and can you guess how much they are worth in US money? One coin is worth an eighth of a penny. Since I have two coins they are worth two-eighths of a cent. These coins are the same size as a US dime but it the color of a penny. I keep these coins, along with other coins that are special to me, in my jewelry box.

I will never get rid of these coins, for they are precious to me. They are my treasures.

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