Spring Cleaning

I want to start spring cleaning desparately but we are so busy every day selling cookies trying to reach our goals that I will have to settle for clean enough.

Lizzie -13yo public school student will take over – dirty dishes, her own laundry, weekly vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms.

John -10yo homeschool son will take over Рclean dishes, his own laundry, lots of cooking, trash, and dog care and cleaning. He also needs to walk the dog daily, as I fear she is getting arthritis in her back hips.

Sarah -8yo homeschool girl will take over Рdaily bathroom cleaning and the rest of the laundry for the household.

We haven’t assigned specific chores to specific children since they were little. We’ve been letting them choose which chores to do each day, as long as they were all getting done by someone. But with us being so busy we need more accountability. I hope this helps.