Girl Scouts

After completing my training as a GS leader, I am pro Girl Scouts. They have research numbers that say that if a girl will stay in Girl Scouts for 5 years she will not try drugs, under-age drinking or experience teen pregnancy. Add to that good Christian adults in leadership in our local troop and our girls should have strong values, leadership skills, and self-confidence.

The Girl Scout leadership model is the premiere leadership organization for girls in the world.

There are badges for every topic under the sun.

Grades K-1 are Daisies; they learn the Girl Scout law and how it applies to life.

Grades 2-3 are Brownies; they earn Try-its -4 activities chosen from 6

Grades 4-5 are Juniors; they earn Badges -6 activities chosen from 10

Grades 6-12 are Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. They earn Interest Projects choosing 7 activities from 12.

Girls can choose outdoor adventure, animal projects, learning about careers, expansive craft skills, and more that I cannot remember now.

Here is link to the interest projects for grades 6 and up.

What else do you want to learn about Girl Scouts?


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