Rotating Chore Lists

  LIST 1
MORNING empty dishwasher
NOON make lunch
NIGHT clear after dinner
DAILY M fold laundry x2 loads
DAILY T put away laundry
DAILY W trash can to backyard
DAILY F tidy your room
DAILY SA vacuum your room
DAILY SU reboot laundry PM
THURS1 vacuum carpets living room
THURS2 vacuum carpets 2nd living area
THURS3 pooper scooper 
THURS4 wash 1 dog
THURS5 Kid’s Mission

2010 Chore Chart

We’ve been using the same chores for a very long time- at least two years. DH has noticed when he’s been home this winter that the kids spend too much time arguing over when they will do their chores, which chores they will do, and “He got an easy chore that I wanted!”

So Christmas break is an END to this. Today we have copied hundreds of families that I know or have known who have chore charts with assigned chores that ROTATE. Now the only whine I should hear is, “Who’s turn is it to do the laundry?”

I made 4 lists: one for each child plus me. We will see if they are “cross-trained” enough for me to work SIMULTANEOUSLY while they are working. In past years, I’ve had to follow, supervise, and encourage or even “help” various children doing certain chores, so that I couldn’t do any work while they were doing chores. If they can handle working unsupervised, we will split the basic house work in fourths. All deep cleaning will still fall on me, as will “deciding” anything that has to do with chores or the household. Supervising is also a huge part of Mom’s job.

  • Each list has one chore for morning, noon, and night that are repeated EVERY DAY.
  • Each list has one chore assign to each day of the week, except Thursday.
  • Each list has 5 chores assigned to Thursday, as that is Home Blessing Day. (If you wonder what “Home Blessing Day” is, think weekly house cleaning. I use FlyLady’s term as it sounds nicer.)

Do you wan to see the lists?