How to Cope with Hot Texas Summers

There is a film at Lowe’s that you can use to cover the high windows. It helps with the sun and so your 2-story next door neighbor doesn’t look down into your window.

MANY people install Sun Screens (DIY at Lowe’s or Home Depot or have it installed by a contractor) on the south and west (someone correct me if I’m wrong).


On AC, my BIL is an AC contractor/owner and he recommends cooling the house a little colder than desired in the early AM. Like at 4AM have the thermostat programmed for 73 degrees. Then at 9AM have it programmed for 75 to 78 (however hot you can stand it). DO NOT change it up and down through the day and do not raise it to “save money” when you leave the house. He says, “BTUs are BTUs and it costs MORE to MOVE the BTUs when it’s hot outside. If you just leave the thermostat where you want it, you will be cool and the BTUs will be moved out of the house.”  The furniture stores a lot of heat so do not let the open blinds shine on your furniture or you’ll have a hard time cooling it back down in the afternoon hours.


Do your outdoor activities in the early morning between 6 and 11AM. The hottest part of the day is from 5 to 8pm. You do need DAILY sunscreen, even inside. Don’t forget your son’s ears! My dad has had parts of his nose and ears removed for skin cancer. Wear a white or straw hat if you (or children) have thin hair. Put sunscreen on your arms and face faithfully everyday and TRY to train the children to do the same. I am amazed at the sun damage on my fore-arms from incidental exposure with only 14 years in TX.


Plan to watch movies, visit AC places like the mall, or drop everything and read through the preschool naptime hours (noon to 3pm).
Do everything you want to do that is an outside activity in May and June, by August it is even too hot to SWIM!

It is still hot in September but the 100 degree heat breaks and you can go outside again.

Many homeschoolers do school all year, or take their summer break in May and June and start back after July 4.

We do lots of VBS and Choir Camps at several churches to avoid the summer sun and summer boredom.