You Can Ask the Resource Queen

A few years after I started homeschooling, I had several friends start calling me the Resource Queen. After several months and many conversations, I came to discover that meant that “When they needed to know where to find the info or the real scoop, they would ask me a question.” If I didn’t know the answer I would tell them where they could find the answer. I’d often tell them where not to go also.

The bottom line is *I like to teach and share*!

Do you have a question on these topics? If so write me a comment to ask and I’ll give you all the info I have.

  • meal planning
  • freezer cooking
  • homeschooling
  • family life
  • internet and blogging
  • children’s books and reading
  • favorite websites
  • facebook
  • Christian parenting
  • submissive wife
  • Christian wife of a non-christian husband
  • coping as wife to a work-aholic
  • recipes
  • anything you want to see if I know
  • and of course, Homemade Gourmet products






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2 Responses

  1. i WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MOE ABOUT YOUR meal planning
    and freezer cooking please.

    Thank you!


  2. I have found your blog through Homemade Gourmet . I am distributor as well, and fellow blogger/homeschool mom. I am enjoying my visit. 🙂

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