Growing your Homemade Gourmet Business

cartoon-daisyIn many ways your business is like a GARDEN. You need to be doing something to grow your business! Just like a flower needs sunshine and water or it will die –  so also, your business won’t grow on its own. Your business needs sunshine and water from you!


If you don’t tend to your business every week, weeds of neglect will start to grow. On the contrary, if you tend to your business every day you will see your business grow to new heights! Give it plenty of sunshine – by staying connected and motivated – and start watering it – by talking to people. You can WATER your garden by making phone calls, booking gatherings, scheduling sponsoring appointments, and following up on old and new leads. You can give your garden SUNSHINE by listenting to training calls, attending team meetings, calling your sponsor or team leader, and nurturing your own positive attitude by reading books and listening to CDs to train yourself.






  Please let your upline leaders know when we can be of any service to you. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself!  I wish you all the best of sucess in 2009.



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  1. I completely agree with everything in this post. keep up the good work

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