Need a “Fresh Start” with Homemade Gourmet?

Sometimes in your Homemade Gourmet business you need to create a “fresh start”! Maybe you were too busy when you first started buy now have more time and want to get your business going with a “fresh start”. Maybe you were ill or someone in your family needed extra care for a time period. For whatever reason you find yourself with NO BOOKINGS wondering how you will get going again.

To create a “fresh start” simply host a party yourself and follow the new consultant training on the HO website. Or, get a “fresh start” by calling leads and past hostesses to let them know about the new products and new incentives this month. KEEP CALLING UNTIL you get 6 gatherings booked!

Do you have your list of 100 people from when you started? Can you make any new additions including people you met in church, neighborhood, at school, at work, etc. Parent’s of your kid’s new activities, new school class, etc are a great source of new contacts. I’ve even been known to join a new group just to make some new contacts. I make new friends and make money at the same time. Isn’t that what this business is about, Making Friends, Making Memories, Making Money!

The key is you need to be doing something to grow your business!  If you don’t have bookings on your calendar you are essentially out of business. Remember 8 will make you great? We can ALL work to get 8 more, or 8 in a new category. For instance, I already have 8 preferred customers, and 8 consultants, so now I need to be sure I have 8 bookings on the calendar and 8 active consultants on my team. What do you need to find 8 of?


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