A Taste of Homemade Gourmet

Homemade Gourmet Founder and Wonder Woman, Tami Van Hoy has a new blog of her own. I’m following it and I hope you will want to also. She’s an amazing cook, and a fantastic tutor on freezer cooking. I enjoy learning from her and I want to share it all with you. I wish I had time and inspiration to just sit and type out all the details of freezer cooking for you here!  But alas, it is best learned as a hands on study done during days, weeks, even years of cooking.

So watch over at Around the Table with Tami as she posts her “Regularly Scheduled Programming“. I’ve shared the schedule below.

  • Mission Monday ~ How is Homemade Gourmet making a difference in your life or in your community? I’ll share stories sent to me that show how Homemade Gourmet has contributed to your community, families or extended families. This would be a great day for our blog followers to share similar stories in the comments. Let’s put the Mission in Motion!
  • Testimony Tuesday ~ What is your favority Homemade Gourmet recipe or what are some of the best compliments you have received as a Homemade Gourmet Chef? I’ll share testimonies and recipes sent to me and you can do the same by posting yours in the comments section.
  • Wild Wednesday ~ This will be my wild card day. You never know what will show up on Wednesdays! If you have a question you would like answered or a subject you want to see addressed, post questions in the comment section and I’ll address answer them on Wild Wednesdays.
  • Thumbs Up Thursday ~ Another day to post recipes. From some of my favorites to favorites sent to me from you all, I’ll post recipes that I recommend you try. In the comments section, this would be a great day to share your thumbs up favorites.
  • Filler Up Friday ~ How do you fill your freezer? Weekly, monthly, now and then? I’ll share your stories and mine. And in the comments, share your recipes, victories and challenges for filling up your freezer.

If I can teach her how to use Mr. Linky, we’ll be linking there often too. Enjoy and share your family meals this week!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Jean! I think I just need to schedule a blog tutoring session with you. ARe you going to be in east Texas anytime soon 🙂 I have no clue how to do that mr. linky thing, but I sure am excited to learn. If I just had more time to read all there is to know. Which brings me back to that tutoring session…seriously…any possibility we can hook up?

  2. I never get out to east TX but we could schedule something. I would welcome you to come to my house. We live in north TX near the north end of the Dallas toll way halfway between McKinney and Denton on a map.

    I have a virtual computer lab and internet cafe in my school room! Bring some friends and food, we’ll make it a party! I’ve been wanting to hold a computer lab for my team. We all need to catch up on our data entry for customer care!

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