Meal Choices

This is also how I do meal planning. I shop for specials in bulk and I put meals in the freezer as “Meal Choices.” So one week I may put 12 chicken meals in the freezer. Another week I may put 3 roast meals and 4 pork loin meals in the freezer.

I use sales to buy the meat on sale and I buy as much as I can afford. I usually put more meat into the freezer than I use. But I stock up for when my husband, who is hourly, gets a small paycheck. Then we just eat out of the freezer for a month or several weeks.

What’s in your freezer?

See what’s in The Happy Housewife’s Freezer!

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You Can Ask the Resource Queen

A few years after I started homeschooling, I had several friends start calling me the Resource Queen. After several months and many conversations, I came to discover that meant that “When they needed to know where to find the info or the real scoop, they would ask me a question.” If I didn’t know the answer I would tell them where they could find the answer. I’d often tell them where not to go also.

The bottom line is *I like to teach and share*!

Do you have a question on these topics? If so write me a comment to ask and I’ll give you all the info I have.

  • meal planning
  • freezer cooking
  • homeschooling
  • family life
  • internet and blogging
  • children’s books and reading
  • favorite websites
  • facebook
  • Christian parenting
  • submissive wife
  • Christian wife of a non-christian husband
  • coping as wife to a work-aholic
  • recipes
  • anything you want to see if I know
  • and of course, Homemade Gourmet products






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FACEBOOK is fun!

We are having A LOT of fun on FACEBOOK!!
If you are computer literate, I can’t recommend facebook enough.

Here are a few reasons I love it and you will too. And NO I’m not getting paid for this endorsement. :o)

  1. I set facebook as my homepage so that every time I open internet explorer it opens facebook.
  2. In a few moments, I can get an update and see what my friends are doing. Though I have over 100 friends, all the friends don’t post updates every day. So it’s usually only 2-4 one sentence updates to read.
  3. I feel so much more connected on facebook to people that I would NEVER normally have time to connect with via email or phone.
  4. It helps me to not feel so isolated as a stay at home (homeschooling) mom.
  5. I can write short updates to express my feelings or to celebrate what’s new in life.
  6. I can write longer notes expressing an opinion or just sharing a cute video someone shared with me.
  7. I can QUICKLY upload photos to share with friends and family nationwide.
  8. And I can view photos of other people’s kids that I normally wouldn’t get a chance to see. Like Shelly Pope’s FANTASTIC Halloween Costumes of her family!!
  9. You can also send private messages or public communication, to congratulate or commiserate or just share some kindness to a friend.
  10. You can keep it as private or as public as you want .

 Log on to to find out more and search for my name and your other friends. It is so fun!

At Your Service,

Jean Butts
The Resource Queen
Let me answer your questions on Freezer Meals, Meal Planning, Home Schooling, Educational Philosophy, Homemaking, or Christian Parenting

Growing your Homemade Gourmet Business

cartoon-daisyIn many ways your business is like a GARDEN. You need to be doing something to grow your business! Just like a flower needs sunshine and water or it will die –  so also, your business won’t grow on its own. Your business needs sunshine and water from you!


If you don’t tend to your business every week, weeds of neglect will start to grow. On the contrary, if you tend to your business every day you will see your business grow to new heights! Give it plenty of sunshine – by staying connected and motivated – and start watering it – by talking to people. You can WATER your garden by making phone calls, booking gatherings, scheduling sponsoring appointments, and following up on old and new leads. You can give your garden SUNSHINE by listenting to training calls, attending team meetings, calling your sponsor or team leader, and nurturing your own positive attitude by reading books and listening to CDs to train yourself.






  Please let your upline leaders know when we can be of any service to you. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself!  I wish you all the best of sucess in 2009.


Need a “Fresh Start” with Homemade Gourmet?

Sometimes in your Homemade Gourmet business you need to create a “fresh start”! Maybe you were too busy when you first started buy now have more time and want to get your business going with a “fresh start”. Maybe you were ill or someone in your family needed extra care for a time period. For whatever reason you find yourself with NO BOOKINGS wondering how you will get going again.

To create a “fresh start” simply host a party yourself and follow the new consultant training on the HO website. Or, get a “fresh start” by calling leads and past hostesses to let them know about the new products and new incentives this month. KEEP CALLING UNTIL you get 6 gatherings booked!

Do you have your list of 100 people from when you started? Can you make any new additions including people you met in church, neighborhood, at school, at work, etc. Parent’s of your kid’s new activities, new school class, etc are a great source of new contacts. I’ve even been known to join a new group just to make some new contacts. I make new friends and make money at the same time. Isn’t that what this business is about, Making Friends, Making Memories, Making Money!

The key is you need to be doing something to grow your business!  If you don’t have bookings on your calendar you are essentially out of business. Remember 8 will make you great? We can ALL work to get 8 more, or 8 in a new category. For instance, I already have 8 preferred customers, and 8 consultants, so now I need to be sure I have 8 bookings on the calendar and 8 active consultants on my team. What do you need to find 8 of?

Healthy Meal Choices Preview

I want to start a series here to talk about and offer Healthy Meal Choices. I want to offer you a chance to come to my home to assemble healthy meals for your family or to use me as a resource to make healthy meals in your home. Here’s how it works…

I will use the Key to the Kitchen to make meal plans and post them here.  There are THREE WAYS you can use these or make your own choices.

  1. If you live near me, you can come to my house and assemble your meals to take home ready to just add the meat.
  2. You could choose to make the meals at home by purchasing the Homemade Gourmet ingredients from my home or from my website. (Remember you get a 20% discount on all orders as a Homemade Gourmet Preferred Customer!) 
  3. Or you can use the Key to the Kitchen to make your own Healthy Meal Choices.

But before I start, I want to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know, for your family…

What makes a meal a healthy meal choice?


A Taste of Homemade Gourmet

Homemade Gourmet Founder and Wonder Woman, Tami Van Hoy has a new blog of her own. I’m following it and I hope you will want to also. She’s an amazing cook, and a fantastic tutor on freezer cooking. I enjoy learning from her and I want to share it all with you. I wish I had time and inspiration to just sit and type out all the details of freezer cooking for you here!  But alas, it is best learned as a hands on study done during days, weeks, even years of cooking.

So watch over at Around the Table with Tami as she posts her “Regularly Scheduled Programming“. I’ve shared the schedule below.

  • Mission Monday ~ How is Homemade Gourmet making a difference in your life or in your community? I’ll share stories sent to me that show how Homemade Gourmet has contributed to your community, families or extended families. This would be a great day for our blog followers to share similar stories in the comments. Let’s put the Mission in Motion!
  • Testimony Tuesday ~ What is your favority Homemade Gourmet recipe or what are some of the best compliments you have received as a Homemade Gourmet Chef? I’ll share testimonies and recipes sent to me and you can do the same by posting yours in the comments section.
  • Wild Wednesday ~ This will be my wild card day. You never know what will show up on Wednesdays! If you have a question you would like answered or a subject you want to see addressed, post questions in the comment section and I’ll address answer them on Wild Wednesdays.
  • Thumbs Up Thursday ~ Another day to post recipes. From some of my favorites to favorites sent to me from you all, I’ll post recipes that I recommend you try. In the comments section, this would be a great day to share your thumbs up favorites.
  • Filler Up Friday ~ How do you fill your freezer? Weekly, monthly, now and then? I’ll share your stories and mine. And in the comments, share your recipes, victories and challenges for filling up your freezer.

If I can teach her how to use Mr. Linky, we’ll be linking there often too. Enjoy and share your family meals this week!