Offer the Best

Would you like to get 20% or 40% off your order tonight?
Would you like to continue buying your product at retail or would you rather get 20% or 40% off?

Offer everyone the opportunity by asking, “Do you know anyone who could use an additional $300/mo or more alongside what they’re currently doing?” Or by asking, “Have you ever thought about doing what I’m doing.”  If they are interested in the opportunity and asking questions about joining, I describe the kit purchase like this … “You’ll need to buy the kit with all the catalogs and order forms and supplies for $39. Then you’ll also need a $230 wholesale order which will give you $400 in products, some to try and some to sell. You’ll also get ‘The best of HG Collection worth $103 absolutely FREE because you’re joining before the end of October/November.’ Altogether that is over $600 worth of items and product for only $270!”

The fun part of the conversation is whether they say “yes,” “no,” or “maybe” the next step is to book their Gourmet Gathering.


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