8 Will Make You Great

Let’s revisit the concept of “8 will make you great.”

If you’re new, have you invited 2 people to join you in your new business and given their names, address, and phone number to HO?  Have you booked and held your first 6 shows? If you have, you’ll have at least 8 customers for the first step in “8 will make you great.”

  • Do you have 8 HG Preferred customers? I have more than that.
  • Do you have 8 Consultants on your team? I have more than that on my team, but not 8 on my first line. So I’ll work on that next.
  • Do you have 8 bookings on your calendar?
  • Do consultants on your team have 8 bookings?

8 Bookings

Having 8 bookings on your calendar is very important to keep your business momentum! Without bookings your business is closed. People on your team usually do not quit when they have bookings. You can count your own events like “make and take” or “craft fair” events. You can have these 8 bookings in one month or over the next several months. But make sure you have 8 bookings somewhere on your calendar. If you don’t, it’s time to make booking calls. If you don’t know how to make booking calls ask your sponsor or your Team Leader. They will be thrilled to help you! 

If you don’t know who to call, then sit down at the earliest opportunity to make your list of 100 people that you know. Even if you don’t think folks on your list will book shows, they may know people who will, so put them on the list anyway. Your Team Leader or Director can tell you how to ask them for referrals. In fact, I’d go ahead and try to get these 100 people on your “In the Mix” mailing list while you’re at it.

So post a comment below telling me what your next 8 bookings
are and we’ll celebrate together!!