Be Ready for Business

Are you ready for business?

Every time you leave your house you should be ready for business. You are your own business so you unless you are ready business cannot find you.

Here’s what I’ve done to be ready for business. I am using my tote bag from Family Reunion as my purse! Inside it I have one hostess packet, one catalog show packet, and a pocket folder. The pocket folder includes a few sheets of lined paper, so I could exchange names and numbers with someone that I meet while I’m out. The pocket folder also holds 4 price lists and 2 catalogs and a few sheets of customer order forms.

To keep my purse stuff from going crazy all over the bottom of the tote bag, I’ve used a small make-up pouch to contain those breath mints, kleenex, hand sanitizer etc. I also have a wallet and a lip stick case. That’s it!! So there is still room for a few products that I may carrying to deliver while I’m out, a book or magazine to read in a waiting room, or anything else I may need for the day.

So leave a comment to tell me how you are going to “Be Ready for Business” by redesigning your purse!


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