8 Will Make You Great

8 Bookings

The first thing you need to do to get your business started is to work toward getting 8 bookings. As you do the 8 bookings, always be sure you continue to have 8 bookings. If at the end of the month you don’t have 8 bookings on your calendar for the future, use your call time from the 1st to the 10th to get more bookings!

8 HG Preferred Customers

Having at least 8 HG Preferred Customers will give make sure you are always active and receiving commissions, even if you have to take a month off. You should have 8 preferred customers soon after you’ve done your first 8 gatherings!

8 Team Members

Most people go ahead and sponsor one friend and/or one family member during their first 30-days. Simply offer anyone who seems really interested in what you’ve said and anyone who orders over $40 the chance to get 40% off. Before you get 8 consultants in your unit you will be a Team Leader and be earning overrides!

Happy Gourmet Success!


One Response

  1. I am not sure where I am suppose to list these dates, but this look like as good a spot as any. I am booked on Nov. 6th for 101, Nov. 14th H.Show, 15th 101, 21st H. Show, 22nd H. Show.

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