Time Management

Time Management helped me reach Team Leader quickly and easily.

I don’t think you need to copy me, but I feel strongly that you can find the same kind of organization in your life.

My work schedule is organized:

  • Monday Night Live or Team Meetings are on Mondays
  • Show night every Thursday
  • I’m available for Sponsoring appointments (after a Thursday show) on Friday or Monday afternoon
  • I’m available for cook-offs for new consultants Tuesdays after the kids activities or Saturdays if the kids don’t have acitivities that weekend.

My call times are scheduled:

  •  Hostess coaching cals Tuesday and Friday afternoon on the way to kids activities
  • Team calls Monday afternoon. I like to make “Business Builder calls” to find out what is closing, what’s happening this week, and what bookings the consultant has. We review 8 will make you great each week. (Start with getting 8 bookings and I’ll explain more in another post.)
  • On school days I make 3 calls at my morning break to try to reach any “morning only” phone contacts.
  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I make 30-minutes of calls
  • Wednesday night I make one hour of calls

During these calling times, I use a list and a plan to make the calls. I learned this on the Monday Night Live calls.

  • From the 1st through the 9th I make booking calls for next month’s shows. (August 1-10 book shows for September)
  • From the 10th through the 19th I make recruiting calls.
  • From the 20th through the end of the month, I make Customer Care calls and Invitation calls.

Fortune is in the follow-up!

  • I know who to call because I have a Calling Calendar and a customer notebook that tells me what to do.
  • I have a long list of people that I know that I’m working to invite to a Gourmet Gathering.
  • I keep a “short list” of future hostesses and potential recruits.
  • I use “In the Mix” and www.Evite.com as tools to communicate with more people more often.
  • I know what to say because I listen and take notes on the training calls.
  • I know what the company monthly incentives are because I look at them and print them on the 1st and I review the spoonful each week to check my progress.
  • I tell my team what incentive they’re about to hit, which one they can work toward next, or what the lowest one is that they can/might strive for.
  • And I also have GOALS for myself and my family: social, physical, and educational goals for my children, personal goals, household goals, sales goals, savings goals, and our favorite spending goals!

By the way, just because I have goals and plans and use the above tools, does NOT mean that I do everything perfectly. Many things go undone, some things don’t even work out for me, people say no, people disappoint me too. Sometimes I even disappoint others by not ordering on time, not calling when I said I would, or delivering their product later than I should. But the point is that I work hard and keep going consistently. You can do it too!!

But mostly, I love having something that I do for myself where I get recognition and prizes!! I can barely remember all the prizes that I’ve won so far!


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