Team Leader in only 4 months

If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning, you noticed that I joined Homemade Gourmet just 4 months ago. I had one great month of success in feeding my family the March HG Preferred Bundle meal plan and I just had to tell everyone I knew. I wanted them to know they could have great meals, the kids love, and get 20% off!

I became a consulant with HG and since I use the HG Preferred meal planner and the 4 meals in 4 minutes meal planners, I was immediately able to act as a Personal Meal Planning Consultant to help my friends put the JOY back into the question, “What’s for dinner?”

I treated my business like a job with hours for working

From the first month, I committed to having ONE SHOW A WEEK. When I didn’t have a show in someone’s kitchen, I did one in my own kitchen. I chose Thursday nights as my show nights, because that is the only night of the week that my kids don’t have outside activities! We’re busy so I work where I am. I make phone calls from a list while I drive. I set an appointment with myself to order product, clean my office, and make calls.

I work only 5 to 6 hours a week, sure I talk to team members, I mean friends, while I’m driving with the kids. And I invite people from choir, church, the library anywhere while I’m out and about with my kids and doing mommy errands. But really, I’ve accomplished this in only 5 to 6 hours a week of concentrated work. One show a week takes 3 hours including preparation time and drive time.

I have also scheduled myself to make two thirty-minute and one one-hour time periods of concentrated phone calls for invitations, booking calls, recruting calls, and customer care calls. I make these calls quickly from a list and I only pause to talk when I actually get someone on the phone. I make 30-minutes of calls on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and one-hour of calls on Thursday afternoon.

Have you been adding this up so far? 3 hours for the show plus 2 hours for phone calls is only 5 hours so far per week! On Mondays I organize the week and talk to my new consultants and listen to my business builders plans for the week. It probably takes longer than an hour, but I get interrupted dozens of times by the children.

I worked consistently with a goal and a plan.

I had a goal of telling everyone about HG 4m4m and HGP. And I have a goal to sell $1,000 a month and sponsoring one person per month. I asked all my hostesses and threw out the idea to my customers during the show too. By holding three to four shows a month and asking everyone, I sold over $1,000 per month and sponsored 5 people in 4 months! I’m still on track to sponsor another person and sell $1,000 again in August.

You know the best thing about working consistently with a goal and a plan? I won SO many prizes. At Family Reunion I even won #2 best new consultant of the year! They gave me a white saphire heart necklace. I earned the Get Cooking Quick awards in my first 30 days and received an apron and a $100 gift certificate. Amazingly, I also won the free room at Family Reunion by sponsoring two people in my first two months. Then they had the Get Cooking Quick in the Summer program and I’ve won the logo cooler and the activity bag, bank bank, and another HG apron.

You can do it too!

I’m not bragging about myself to brag, I’m sharing this so that you can believe that you can do it too! Set a goal, make a plan, ask for guidance, and check in with your team leader each week.


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