Be Ready for Business

Are you ready for business?

Every time you leave your house you should be ready for business. You are your own business so you unless you are ready business cannot find you.

Here’s what I’ve done to be ready for business. I am using my tote bag from Family Reunion as my purse! Inside it I have one hostess packet, one catalog show packet, and a pocket folder. The pocket folder includes a few sheets of lined paper, so I could exchange names and numbers with someone that I meet while I’m out. The pocket folder also holds 4 price lists and 2 catalogs and a few sheets of customer order forms.

To keep my purse stuff from going crazy all over the bottom of the tote bag, I’ve used a small make-up pouch to contain those breath mints, kleenex, hand sanitizer etc. I also have a wallet and a lip stick case. That’s it!! So there is still room for a few products that I may carrying to deliver while I’m out, a book or magazine to read in a waiting room, or anything else I may need for the day.

So leave a comment to tell me how you are going to “Be Ready for Business” by redesigning your purse!


Gluten Free Meals

Hey friends,

Some of you have expressed an interest in Gluten Free Homemade Gourmet meals, this may be the solution for you. There are more, but these are meals specifically designed for the 4 meals in 4 minutes freezer preparation. Many of them are flexible in that you can use pork, beef, or chicken.

These pantry staples (PS) are listed in the catalog as gluten free.

  • SW Seasoning PS
  • Garlic Basil PS
  • Cilantro Citrus PS
  • Tropical (Garden Herb) PS
  • Maria’s Salsa PS
  • BLT PS
  • Mock Spinach (Dill) PS
  • Taco Soup PS
  • Spaghetti Seasoning PS

 I can make any of the following freezer meals from these for you at your own 4 meals in 4 minutes Gourmet Gathering. Please consider being one of the first to host this unique and beneficial gathering.

  • Southwest Chicken
  • Garlic Basil Chicken
  • Hawaiian Chicken
  • Cilantro Citrus Chicken
  • Herbed Pork Loin
  • Maria’s Salsa Chicken Tenders
  • Taco Roast
  • Spicy Tropical Round Steak
  • Italian Pear Chicken
  • Italian Chicken
  • Salsa Pork Chops
  • Taco Chicken Tacos
  • Steak and Peppers
  • Southwest Steaks
  • Garlic Basil Italian Sausage and Peppers (or chicken)
  • Easy Garlic Drumsticks

 During the 4 meals in 4 minutes presentation, I will put 4 meals into your freezer and teach you and your guests how to save time and money in the kitchen by using our products to assemble meals for the freezer in bulk. As a hostess you receive lots of free and discounted products. You get 3 free products to prepare for your guests to sample, we’ll choose new and gluten free products for your home! You also receive 10% of sales in FREE products of your choice. When your party reaches the average show total of $400 or more, you also receive a free host gift product from our new Homemade in a Hurry Collection, and you receive 40% off any one pantry staple and 40% off the bundle of the month. Also, as a hostess you can order the $70 beautiful zippered HG red recipe binder to hold all your 4m4m collections, Kitchen Connection magazines and your pantry staple recipes cards for half price at only $35.

I love to do shows on Thursdays so please look at your calendar to see if there’s a Thursday that would work for you. I can’t wait to try this new gathering, so I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Party Menus this Season

Whether it’s family  night, a dinner party, or holiday gathering, these meal collections are priceless!

If you want to do some entertaining this holiday season use these products to help plan the menu, make grocery shopping a breeze, and have fast and easy recipes. Now you can enjoy the party too!

Chinese Supper Collection

This is a complete family-style Chinese supper; it even includes fortunes to end the meal. In minutes you can make Sesame Ginger Stir-Fry, Skillet Fried Rice, and Season ‘n’ Steam Broccoli Beef for only $19.50. Maybe instead of a Chinese Supper we should call this a Chinese Feast!

Homemade Pizza Party Kit

 Turn your kitchen into an authentic pizzeria. Gather the kids and have fun creating three great-tasting pizzas for only $26.75. This kit includes recipes and grocery list to make crusts, sauces, topping suggestions, dipping sauce, even a delicious dessert pizza!

Tex-Mex Fiesta Collection

This is everything you need for a complete family fajita fiesta for only $22.00. This collection includes a complete meal from appetizer to dessert with an exclusive menu planner with make ahead tips and grocery list. You will enjoy Fire Grilled Salsa, Season ‘n’ Steam Fajitas, Spanish Rice, and Cinnamon Sopappilla Desert!

Delightfully Decadent Cheesecake Collection

There’s nothing more popular that a great-tasting cheesecake and we have included a rich, creamy, and irresistible flavor for every occasion! Make Basic Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake, Tiramisu Cheesecake and Key Lime Cheesecake for only $22.00. Add cream cheese, butter or whipped topping, and optional graham cracker crust.

Homemade Gourmet provides the products and ideas that make today’s home cooking easy for people with busy lifestyles.

Order your party collection today!

8 Will Make You Great

8 Bookings

The first thing you need to do to get your business started is to work toward getting 8 bookings. As you do the 8 bookings, always be sure you continue to have 8 bookings. If at the end of the month you don’t have 8 bookings on your calendar for the future, use your call time from the 1st to the 10th to get more bookings!

8 HG Preferred Customers

Having at least 8 HG Preferred Customers will give make sure you are always active and receiving commissions, even if you have to take a month off. You should have 8 preferred customers soon after you’ve done your first 8 gatherings!

8 Team Members

Most people go ahead and sponsor one friend and/or one family member during their first 30-days. Simply offer anyone who seems really interested in what you’ve said and anyone who orders over $40 the chance to get 40% off. Before you get 8 consultants in your unit you will be a Team Leader and be earning overrides!

Happy Gourmet Success!

New Consultant Training

On the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm, I am offering you a chance to build your business. If you have a potential consultant or a new consultant, bring them to my house to come for a CHAT, that is to “Come Have a Taste” of Homemade Gourmet.

If you have a potential consultant, we will go through the Sponsoring Appointment questions and see if they’re ready to get started and sponsor them online here.

If you have a new consultant, we’ll still start with the sponsoring appointment questions so we can find their WHY of the business. Then we’ll go through the 4 Steps of Success to get started, which are Who, What, When, and Where!

  1. WHO: your list of 100, ask best friends to be your first 6 shows
  2. WHAT: Hostess Benefits and Hostess Coaching
  3. WHEN: Full Time, Part Time or Play time & organizing your calendar
  4. WHERE: (Where can you go?) show me the money, current incentives, & schedule their Business Builder calls.

In our Business Builders calls we’ll simply talk every Sunday night or Monday evening to discuss

  • 8 will make you great
  • what shows are you closing?
  • who is on the line?
  • which business building activities are happening this week?
  • when are your upcoming bookings?

Mark this on your calendar

  • Wednesday 3 September
  • Wednesday 1 October
  • Wednesday 5 November
  • Wednesday 3 December

These New Consultant Trainings are by RSVP ONLY and you should plan to attend with your new consultant. I hope to get my new consultants here also, so we should have a small team meeting environment.


New Fall Products

See ALL the New Fall Products here!!

Imagine you’re on the way home from work and you are just picking up the kids from childcare.  You’re passing Sonic, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s and wondering “WHAT’S FOR DINNER?”

Instead of caving to the high fat, drive thru options, you reach to your purse or car visor and find your Homemade in a Hurry tear-off lables to find that you have all the makings for Skillet Chicken and Rice at home. So you resist the whining children and the temptation to drive-thru somewhere and you head home. In 10 minutes of skillet cooking you have dinner!! You are the Hero in the Kitchen!

Then another evening, imagine you’re on the way home from dance class and you have less than an hour to get the kids back out the door for a soccer game. Again, you resist the drive-thru and you reach for your Homemade in a Hurry tear-off labels. This time with a quick dash into the grocery store for frozen egg rolls and fresh broccoli in the self-check out lane, you head home to make Season N Steam Beef and Broccoli. It is on the table less than 12 mintues after walking in the door. You feed the kids, they grab their soccer garb and you’re back out the door. If you ate on paper plates, you won’t even have dishes to do when you get home because your cook right in the microwave in the steamer bag that is included for you! Now you are the Dinner Time Hero!

Contact me to find out about the whole collection of Homemade in a Hurry products to steam in the microwave, heat in the skillet, or bake in the oven.

See ALL the New Fall Products here!!

Time Management

Time Management helped me reach Team Leader quickly and easily.

I don’t think you need to copy me, but I feel strongly that you can find the same kind of organization in your life.

My work schedule is organized:

  • Monday Night Live or Team Meetings are on Mondays
  • Show night every Thursday
  • I’m available for Sponsoring appointments (after a Thursday show) on Friday or Monday afternoon
  • I’m available for cook-offs for new consultants Tuesdays after the kids activities or Saturdays if the kids don’t have acitivities that weekend.

My call times are scheduled:

  •  Hostess coaching cals Tuesday and Friday afternoon on the way to kids activities
  • Team calls Monday afternoon. I like to make “Business Builder calls” to find out what is closing, what’s happening this week, and what bookings the consultant has. We review 8 will make you great each week. (Start with getting 8 bookings and I’ll explain more in another post.)
  • On school days I make 3 calls at my morning break to try to reach any “morning only” phone contacts.
  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I make 30-minutes of calls
  • Wednesday night I make one hour of calls

During these calling times, I use a list and a plan to make the calls. I learned this on the Monday Night Live calls.

  • From the 1st through the 9th I make booking calls for next month’s shows. (August 1-10 book shows for September)
  • From the 10th through the 19th I make recruiting calls.
  • From the 20th through the end of the month, I make Customer Care calls and Invitation calls.

Fortune is in the follow-up!

  • I know who to call because I have a Calling Calendar and a customer notebook that tells me what to do.
  • I have a long list of people that I know that I’m working to invite to a Gourmet Gathering.
  • I keep a “short list” of future hostesses and potential recruits.
  • I use “In the Mix” and as tools to communicate with more people more often.
  • I know what to say because I listen and take notes on the training calls.
  • I know what the company monthly incentives are because I look at them and print them on the 1st and I review the spoonful each week to check my progress.
  • I tell my team what incentive they’re about to hit, which one they can work toward next, or what the lowest one is that they can/might strive for.
  • And I also have GOALS for myself and my family: social, physical, and educational goals for my children, personal goals, household goals, sales goals, savings goals, and our favorite spending goals!

By the way, just because I have goals and plans and use the above tools, does NOT mean that I do everything perfectly. Many things go undone, some things don’t even work out for me, people say no, people disappoint me too. Sometimes I even disappoint others by not ordering on time, not calling when I said I would, or delivering their product later than I should. But the point is that I work hard and keep going consistently. You can do it too!!

But mostly, I love having something that I do for myself where I get recognition and prizes!! I can barely remember all the prizes that I’ve won so far!