Freeze some French Toast

Scrumptious Sundays

Scrumptious Sundays

Today I made some French Toast for breakfast and used a whole loaf of bread so that I could freeze some for future fast breakfasts. Here’s how I did it.

  1. Cook the french toast on the stove on the griddle.
  2. Let it cool on a plate while you finish cooking the whole loaf of bread.
  3. Enjoy breakfast with the family.
  4. Packaging:  I have wax paper sheets that are about 12-inches square, so I lay two cooled pieces of toast on the bottom edge of the square. Then I fold the top edge of the sheet down and lay two more pieces of toast on top of the other two. Next, I lay one on top of the left side and fold the whole package from right to left. If this description doesn’t help you, just be sure to put wax paper between each sheet of toast. I stored the french toast back into the bag in which the loaf bread was packaged. It isn’t completely freezer safe so use it quickly or package it in zip lock freezer bags.
  5. Use:  Toast the frozen french toast in the toaster on the freezer setting, then toast it again on low. Enjoy the quick breakfast.
  6. By the way, you don’t have to put syrup on french toast and you don’t even need a plate. Grab a paper towel and hit the road for really fast breakfasts. <smile> It’s healthier than pop tarts and almost as yummy.

I don’t use a recipe for french toast, I just dip the bread in scrambled egg and cook it on the griddle until golden brown. But if you want a recipe check this one.


4 Responses

  1. french toasts are yummy!

  2. Welcome to Scrumptious Sunday! Ooohhhh~yummy! I have been making a lot of french toast lately! I just use eggs, a little milk, and some pure vanilla extract. My bf will like the idea of having them ready to go!

    My post is here!


  3. […] Resource Queen: Freeze Some French Toast […]

  4. I had a French Toast Party with a few friends. My last freezer cooking event with friends we made chili…lately I’ve been working on a summer grilling menu that simple and cheap.
    You can visit my web site at if your interested.

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