Homemade Gourmet Awards

This is more to document for my memory than it is to brag, so please read this as I’m sharing not bragging.

I have been a Homemade Gourmet customer for many years, maybe 5 years. In March 2008, I found out the details of the Homemade Gourmet Preferred Customer Club and joined. I bought the first 8 meals in the bundle and enjoyed the grocery list and meal plan for EIGHT meals that month. I felt like a successful mom for the first time in a long time. I was feeding my kids healthy new foods and they were liking it!

It was easy because the recipes and grocery list were provided. Plus I prepared the meat from the grocery store with the seasonings ready to cook and placed them into the freezer. So my freezer had MEAL CHOICES instead of frozen lumps of meat with no plan! SUCCESS! At the end of the 8 meals, I just HAD to TELL ALL MY FRIENDS. So I contacted my HG consultant and she told me how to get started.

I joined HG with a one time order of product at 50% off! I invited lots of friends to come have chocolate chip cheesecake and watch the Homemade Gourmet lady put 4 meals in 4 minutes into my freezer. My friends wanted to see this! I bet they didn’t think it could be done! We had fun. Everyone enjoyed the food and at my cookoff I signed up 4 Homemade Gourmet customers of my own and sold two of the 4 meals in 4 minutes top collections! We booked two more shows and had over $400 in sales. I was on my way to success!

In my first 30-days with Homemade Gourmet, I sold $1,300 in product at three shows and sponsored my first hostess! I received the Get Cooking Quick Award which was a red Homemade Gourmet apron and a $100 gift certificate for Homemade Gourmet products! I earned two charms for my Silver Circle bracelet for the Get Cooking Quick and for sponsoring my first recruit.  And I earned over $300 in my first month!

In my second 30-days, I sold $1,600 in product at four shows, and sponsored my second hostess and another party guest. This gave me a raise and my first promotion to Senior Distributor! Also 7 new Homemade Gourmet Preferred customers (HGP) joined me. I received several more Silver Circle charms for sponsoring more than 5 HGP in one month, for sponsoring 2 distributors in one month, and for making Senior Distributor. Plus, I earned over $600 in my 2nd month! All this in just a few hours a week with one gathering a week!

My third 30-days was the end of the 2nd quarter, and since I sold just over $1,000 in products at my next four shows, I received the Level 3 Consistency Club Award and charm for my Silver Circle charm bracelet. Plus HG Home Office (HO) gave me a free room at Family Reunion, our annual convention, in July. I also sponsored another hostess and received another charm for that, plus $25 in the growing some dough bonus. AND since we just started the summer promotion for anyone to sell $1,000 a month and recruit 1 person in the Get Cooking Quick summer program, I also will receive a black and red Homemade Gourmet logo rolling cooler. Wow! They are laying on the prizes this month!! Earning the recruiting bonus on my team plus my sales, I can’t believe how much I made! My check this month was over $200 plus the money I earned on sales.


Meatballs Make a Bunch

As you’ll learn I love to make multiple batches of a single recipe, so that next time I want to cook that meal, I have less prep time. I’ve also found that it doesn’t take much more time to make five pounds of meatballs as it does one pound. Why do I make five pounds? I buy my ground beef in the five pound package at Stuff-mart. So if you have your meat in 10 pound or 8 pound or 3 pound increments, you’ll just need to alter this recipe for that package size.

I use my Pampered Chef large bar pan baking stones to bake the meatballs. You can use any baking pan; you can even boil meatballs to cook them and remove much of the fat. To bake them use a 350 degree oven and line pan with foil. Bake 15-20 minutes. Remove foil from pan and pour meatballs onto a serving platter lined with paper towels. You can peel the foil away from the meatballs to handle any sticking that occurs.

So now that we know how to cook the meatballs, lets mix up the recipe. Here’s what I used:

1 1/2 cup Homemade Gourmet Old Fashioned Meatloaf Seasoning from the pantry staple
1 1/2 cup ketchup or tomato sauce
5 pounds ground beef or ground meat of your choice
3 eggs

To mix up this large batch of ground meat, we use a potato masher and a clean plastic dishpan. I have two dishpans that I’ve purchased from the dollar store just for bulk cooking. One for meat and one for baking or vegetables. There are other dish pans that we use for dishes but the food prep dish pans are never used to wash dishes. Hey, there’s a couple dollars at the dollar store, you can afford to own several!

Now the fun part! Use the Pampered Chef medium scoop to form the meatballs and drop them onto the foil lined baking pan about one-half to one-inch apart, then bake for 15-20 minutes!

When the meatballs are cool, place all the meatballs into a one-gallon zip lock freezer bag. Label and date the bag and freeze for 3 to 9 months. The more air you can remove the better quality the meatballs will remain without freezer burn.

To serve pull out 4 meatballs per serving and microwave until warm or heat in the spaghetti sauce. See Gallon of Spaghetti Sauce for my recipe.

More soon

I’ve been busy this summer taking the kids swimming and winning awards with my new Homemade Gourmet business. I teach people freezer cooking, help them make personal meal plans, and teach others to be successful too! I put the JOY back into the question, “What’s for dinner?”

If you want to contact me, leave a comment and I’ll receive an email or read more at www.mealplanningjean.com

Coming soon, articles on the following:

  • cooking 5 pounds of meatballs
  • 3 ways customers can order
  • earning money as a personal meal planner in your area
  • New Titles are here at www.UsborneJean.com
  • Representing Bob Jones University Press books and www.Homesat.com
  • How to organize for an easy year of www.Homesat.com classes
  • and more…