Personal Meal Planner

Last month I added a new hat to my list of titles. I’ve joined Homemade Gourmet as a way to solve our family’s personal meal crisis. So now I can also help you as a Personal Meal Planner.

I always plan our menus around the activities of the week, especially activities after school or after dinner.
* All the recipes with the * come from the Homemade Gourmet 4 Meals in 4 Minutes original collection.

MONDAY Spaghetti
Monday is Cub Scouts so we have Spaghetti night. I’ll boil the noddles for 7 minutes and pull the spaghetti sauce from the freezer. I need to get my meatballs* made for the freezer too, so we can have meatballs with our spaghetti. I made my spaghetti sauce using this Pizza/Spaghetti Sauce Recipe.

TUESDAY Garlic Basil Chicken*
Tuesday I have a mother with 6 children coming for dinner and to show her how to make 4 Meals in 4 Minutes for her freezer. I’ll cook the Garlic Basil Chicken in the crockpot and serve it over garlic buttered noodles with  a salad and Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing*. Since it’s a company night we’ll also have Lemon Poppy Seed Cake and Raspberry Iced Tea.

WEDNESDAY Chicken Fried Rice*
Wednesday is church night so we’ll have fast food at home! We will also use up the leftover chicken in the Chicken Fried Rice* meal. We’ll serve it with refried beans and tortillas or chips.

THURSDAY Creamy Rice Casserole*
Lizzie, my 11 yo, cooks on Thursdays. She likes to use the easy Homemade Gourmet entree mixes. She chose Creamy Italian Casserole this week. She’ll also make Garlic Basil Toast with the leftover hamburger buns from this past weekend.

FRIDAY Southwest Chicken*
Friday is usually pizza night but we’re having company again, my BIL will be in town, so I’ll make Southwest Chicken* in the crockpot. I’ll serve it with Spanish Rice*, a can of refried beans, and Texas Cornbread*.

SATURDAY Southwest Chicken Roll-ups*
Saturday we’ll use the planned left overs from the Spanish Chicken to make Southwest Chicken Roll-ups* We’ll serve it with tortilla chips, Maria’s Salsa* and Guacamole*.

SUNDAY Mother’s Day Madness
Of course this mother wants to go OUT on Mother’s Day, but we haven’t made plans yet.

Happy Mother’s Day to you.

     Image by Windy Angels

This is my first post as part of the Menu Plan Monday meme.


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