Freezer Cooking Guru

You may wonder why my email signature sometimes says, “Freezer Cooking Guru”.

I like to call myself this because I have read several cookbooks about freezer cooking, that is, cooking for the freezer. I’ve been cooking for the freezer since I started trying to make baby food for my first born child 10 years ago. The best way to cook for the freezer is to cook one meal-size recipe times 5 or 6, so you can eat one meal tonight and freez the rest. If a recipe that says “serves 6” always feeds your family twice, you only have to multiply by 3 or 4.  If you have only one child or a couple of toddlers, you only need to multiply your recipe by 3 to achieve the same effect.

If you choose one day a week for freezer cooking, you will only have to cook ONCE A WEEK! Within 6 weeks you can simply pull meals out of the freezer to reheat. How would you like to have an extra hour of your day back? What could you do with an extra hour in your day? Would you find time to exercise? Would you play with your toddler or rock your baby? Would you clean the kitchen or fold the laundry? Would you just sit and read a blog or put your feet up with a good book?  Maybe you’d write a blog or even write a book! Stay tuned or visit and register for the email loop that will discuss freezer cooking and forming Freezer Cooking Clubs in Denton and Collin counties of north TX.

There are several cookbooks on the market that discuss freezer cooking. In another post I’ll have to list the simple guidelines for knowing which recipes will freeze well. But the #1 way to know if a recipe will taste good after being cooked, frozen, thawed, and reheated is to take 1 serving of this recipe and freeze it. Pull it out a week or two later and eat it. This will tell you if the texture or taste degraded in the freezing process.

These are the freezer cookbooks that I own and can pull recipe for you.

  • Mega Cooking by Jill Bond
  • Dinner’s in the Freezer by Jill Bond


I’m at your service!
The Freezer Cooking Guru


2 Responses

  1. Jean,

    I would love more info on how to get started on mega cooking. Does this require that you buy a seperate freezer? Could we swing it without one(family of 3)? Thanks,

  2. You do not NEED a separate freezer but your fridge freezer cannot be full of half-used frozen vegetables, ice cream, loaves of bread, etc. Clean your freezer out and keep reading my blog. Or click from “Freezer Cooking Guru” to buy the Mega Cooking book!

    The Resource Queen

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