Why do you eat at home?

As a family of 5 with the youngest at age 5, we were still eating at Sonic twice a week and some weeks going to a family restaurant once also. That’s $20 per visit to Sonic and $40 per visit to the family restaurant. Oh! And we bought pizza delivery on Fridays also for another $20. Did you do the math on that? That is $100 per week eating out!

In December we bought our first house, and while the mortgage and electric are affordable, we’re also trying to build our savings. We’re following the Dave Ramsey plan and we’re to the baby step where we need to build our Fully Funded Emergency Fund. I’m also working on a “savings snowball”. Like his “debt snowball”, I thought of “envelopes” that needed a certain amount in them for a rainy day. Some of them are:

  • Car repair $600
  • Car replacement $15,000
  • Home Owners Insurance deductible $1,800
  • Medical Bills $800

There are several more that I’ll talk about in a Dave Ramsey post soon, so this $100 a week eating out had to go!

So the Dave Ramsey “savings snowball” is WHY we eat at home. To switch it up, I made a general meal plan. As surprising side effect was the kids didn’t argue about not wanting to eat this or that, they read the meal plan and pitched in to get the meals on the table. Cool! I chose the meals based on our busy family activity schedule.


  • Monday = fruit & bagels
  • Tuesday = fruit & cereal
  • Wednesday = fruit & cereal
  • Thursday = fruit & egg & cheese burritos
  • Friday = fruit & eggs & toast
  • Saturday = fruit & biscuits & eggs
  • Sunday = fruit & cereal or toast


  • Monday = Quesadillas or Burritos
  • Tuesday = PBJ – when we pack lunch for Bible Study
  • Wednesday =Lunchmeat Sandwiches – when we’re on our way to Homeschool Club
  • Thursday = Hot Dogs & Mac ‘n’ Cheese – on Stay Home Thursday
  • Friday = Tuna or Grilled Cheese
  • Saturday = Left over pizza
  • Sunday = Planned Left overs


  • Monday = Spaghetti – for Cub Scouts night
  • Tuesday = Planned Meal from freezer – after Girl Scouts and on kid’s bath night
  • Wednesday = Rice & Veggie dish – after Homeschool Club and on church night
  • Thursday = Lizzie cooks freezer meal – Stay Home Thursday and kid’s bath night
  • Friday = Homemade Pizza – Family Movie night
  • Saturday = Freezer meal – Family errand and kid’s bath night
  • Sunday = Noodle & Veggie dish – after kids Choir

So tell me, “WHY do you need to eat at home?”


7 Responses

  1. We at home because it is a hassle to eat out. Takes time to get there, sit and wait for the food, eat it, go wash up afterward, get in the car, drive home. Recover from the outing.

    We eat at home because I can make the same things with much much less money, customize portions and seasonings to our liking, and save the leftovers much more efficiently.

    We eat at home because I can make the food much more healthfully with no junk, preservatives, or fillers.

    We eat at home because it affords us more quality family time.

    We eat at home because it is more peaceful.

    We eat at home because we come into contact with fewer germs and “bugs” than when we go out, hence, fewer illnesses.

    We eat at home because it allows us to establish the family meal table and make the memory that our family was characterized by eating at home.

    We eat at home because our children can learn to plan, budget for, and prepare meals (good training for life).

    We eat at home because I just like being at home!

    (But we do eat out sometimes, like three or maybe four times per year.)

  2. We eat at home because, like Marci, it is a hassle to eat out. We would need to walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, take it to the metro, then take another bus, then walk to the mall. All of that takes around 45 min to an hour. Then after we eat we have to do it all over again in reverse to get home! Much easier to throw on a pot of soup, make some biscuits and eat at home.

    Now the benefits are, also like Marci, we enjoy our family time together around the table. My kids are 14, 11, 9 and 6 and we can easily spend about an hour after dinner is done just talking and laughing about our day. Money saving is a little difficult to determine. I am sure it is there but living in the most expensive city in the world (Moscow) for foreigners to live….I don’t see them.

  3. Hi Resource Queen –

    We eat in more now that the prices of food and gas are so high! We have a large family and going out is always pricey.

    I’d appreciate any tips – help or opinion you might have on how to lower the price of gas.

  4. The best present my husband ever gave me was very nice set of Tupperware. I cook very large meals and then freeze the leftovers. So when things happen like yesterday where I was at church or in meetings from 8:00 am till 9:00 pm then my husband and children have something to eat. Meats can be cooked then frozen and used later in cassaroles. My crock pot is my best friend when it comes to preparing dinner. We do eat out some times, but I would rather cook at home.

  5. We eat at home because health is a HUGE priority in our family. We participate in an organic veggie co-op so we always have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on hand. Before we moved to Krum the temptation to eat out was right there. Now it’s only when we are out around meal times that we get sucked in!

  6. We eat at home because you can’t get good veggies when you go out! We eat at home because my kids will actually eat cabbage and broccoli and asparagus and squash casserole and dilled carrots because this is where they get to practice eating those very wonderful things and do you know what? Now that they are practiced at eating them, they actually like them and even ask for them. 😉 Home is where you learn to eat right.

  7. I echo what Kim M. said plus:

    We eat at home so that the older teens can have their friends over HERE instead of spending their work money eating out with friends. We get to spend more time with them this way :-), except our almost 20 yr. old son who lives in Nebraska. We definitely cook our ethnic and vegetarian favorites for him when he visits home.

    We eat at home so Hubby and my date nights can be centered around beautiful art, books, or music instead of expensive, overpriced and maybe overcooked food.

    On rare occasions we eat out to meet unchurched friends who live in the city, so we can reconnect with them or plan humanitarian trips with them.

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