8 Meals and Success as a Mom

I have used a few Homemade Gourmet products over the last several years and I’ve always loved their mission of “encouraging families to gather round the dinner table”. DH often doesn’t make it home in time for dinner and because he has such a long, hard work day, sometimes he has to take his “before dinner nap” before he can eat. So the kids and I eat together every evening, but after years of mac-and-cheese and pizza, I was ready to start eating some more healthy food.

Homemade Gourmet has a HG Preffered Club where customers order $50 a month and gets a 20% discount. This isn’t something you have to add to the family budget, it is groceries. And I found they have a featured bundle of the month, which is a meal plan and grocery list for 8 family pleasing meals. In March we enjoyed 8 meals using the Grandma’s Sunday Roast seasoning, but we didn’t have to eat roast all month! We had Burgandy Beef tips, pork roast, soup, and tater tot casserole. The kids loved all the meals I served, even the casseroles! And it made me feel so successful as a mom. As moms we don’t get very many kudos, so I really feel this is an important thing that other moms need too.

Next month the featured bundle is 8 pizzas that you can make for breakfast, dinners, or snacks. It’s going to be so fun! You can make your own bread or use the store bought pizza crusts. You can use low fat and low sodium ingredients or whatever you already have. I hope to share this pizza idea with many, many friends. You can read more about it here or sign up to join the HG Preferred club here.

The Homemade Gourmet Preferred club has given this mom the joy back into the question, “What’s for dinner?”  May God Bless your family’s dinner hour!


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