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Homemade Gourmet Cook-off Event

After 16 years in and out of direct sales and MLM, I’ve decided to join Homemade Gourmet as the solution to my family’s meal crisis. In March, I used their Preferred Customer Package of 8 meals plus leftovers. We just did what we usually do for the other meals during the month. I loved how in charge of my dinner time I felt. I felt like I was a Successful Mom.

So in April, I decided to join the company! Great timing too! The kit was free and I received products valuing over $1000 for less than $550. So now I’m ready to have my Cook-off show tomorrow night with a dozen people tasting the newest HG recipes. I can’t wait to have the April meals in my freezer ready to cook for my family. At the show my director will make up 4 Meals in 4 Minutes and teach the guests how to do the same for their own freezers. I can’t wait to share this and many more meal planning concepts with you and my friends!


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  1. A terrific thunderstorm blew in and we still had over ten people here. Four of my wonderful friends joined as HG Preferred members and two booked their own 4 Meals in 4 Minutes classes. We had lots of food and fun and I sold over $460!

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